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My journey of personal health and well-being started 9 years ago with the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility, Toni Weschler, MPH. I remember sitting on my couch reading as a young woman feeling so angry about what I didn’t know about my own body that Toni was now telling me. What?! My body gives me signs around ovulation?! Oh… so that’s what a uterus looks like… I just couldn’t believe that I was never taught any of this as an adolescent. High school health class anyone? For the first time in my life I felt like I was starting to work with my body, not against it.

In 2009 I attended Spa Tech Institute for massage therapy, with a need to make a positive difference in the health of my community. During this time of education I felt a pull to focus around prenatal massage, fertility, and women’s health issues. I feel like our current medical system puts too much emphasis on prescription medication, fixing symptoms, and treating the sick rather than preventative maintenance and healing the whole person. I want to see a shift towards the latter, we need it.

The following years consisted of self-education in holistic modalities surrounding women’s health, which eventually led to my discovery of doulas; these marvelous women who nurture other women during the births of their children. Women who mother the mother. I wanted to be one of these women.  In January 2012 I received my DONA certified doula training at Birthroots in Portland, Maine.  

Shortly after finishing my doula training, we found out we would be expecting our first child in December 2012. I had a very straight forward pregnancy and was able to birth and welcome Lillian at home.

In addition to my private practice and doula services I love spending time with family and friends, letting my creative juices flow through crochet, and trying new nutritious recipes in the kitchen.

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